Wellness Packages

Wellness Packages


We recommend a wellness exam at least once a year for your pet, and twice a year for senior pets. Your pet will be thoroughly and professionally examined by one of our experienced veterinarians.

Our pets often hide their pain and by thimagese time the owner notices something is wrong, the disease has progressed. Wellness exams can catch these conditions before they can get to advanced stages and give you a better outcome for successful treatment.

Remember, one of your dog or cat’s years is equivalent to 7 human years! Proactive and preventative health provides your pet a longer quality of life. Studies have shown owners who do regular wellness exams on their dogs and cats, result in a longer life span for their pet.

 Puppy and Kitten Wellness Packages:$359 – $604 for a year.

Puppy wellness packages 001kitten wellness packages 001

 Adult Wellness Packages: $394 – $645 for a year.

Adult wellness packages 001

Ask about monthly installments.

Senior Wellness Exams

Senior Wellness exams are recommended for dogs over 7 years of age, and cats over 8 years of age. In addition to a comprehensive exam, a complete blood cell count and a blood chemistry profile evaluates kidney and liver function, blood sugar levels, calcium and phosphorous levels, and electrolyte balances. These tests help us determine if your dog or cat is having issues with his kidneys, liver, is anemic or has other aging diseases like diabetes.

The senior packages include a dental cleaning and polishing.

A heartworm test is conducted every year to confirm that your dog is still clear of infection. A thyroid (T4) test is done on your cat to reveal any thyroid disease.

 Senior Wellness Packages: $654 – $995 for a year.Senior wellness packages 001

Ask about monthly installments.