While you may not be aware, regular dental care is as important to your pet as it is for you! Tarter and bacteria builds up on your pets’ teeth and can lead to tooth loss, abscesses, and sinus infections. It can even lead to more serious diseases such as kidney failure. Especially, for our older dogs and cats, regular dental care can lead to longer and higher quality life.  Our dentals include ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, up to 3 extractions, and treatment of gums with a therapeutic laser to decrease pain and inflammation and help speed healing.


Over the Counter products we offer to help with preventative dental care:

Perio-Support ~ is flying off the shelves! This powder is top dressed on your dog or cat’s food on a daily basis. Appeals to even the most finicky eaters, we have a client who states her dog won’t eat his regular food without this top dressing! Perio-Support helps to control plaque formation and supports gum health. If used prior to dentals, it can make the dental go easier on your pet and if used after your pet’s dental, works as prevention. While it won’t remove current tartar, it does provide preventative care.

C.E.T. drinking water additives is formulated by veterinary dental specialists to freshen the breath and maintain good oral hygiene when combined with other dental care. It is added to the pet’s water and is safe for cats and dogs.

TDC capsules are opened and applied to the gums to help decrease inflammation and also help with arthritis.  They also can be put on the food, or rubbed on the cats fur.